Basra Gateway Terminal

Country’s largest port and the primary gateway of Iraq; the only terminal in Umm Qasr working to international standards and leading-edge port technology.

The Port of Umm Qasr is Iraq’s largest port and primary trade link. As investment inflows continue and the Iraqi markets opens up to the global economy, the port is playing an increasingly vital role. BGT offers nonstop, robust support to one of the world’s top oil and gas producing economies through terminal handling facilities for container, oil and gas project and general cargo and RORO: 

BGT is the only terminal in Iraq with largest quay cranes with the ability to handle 12,000-teu vessels bringing new opportunities for Iraq.
BGT is the only terminal in Iraq using state-of-the-art technology Navis Sparcs N4 Terminal Operating System and SAP ERP systems and offering customer e-tools for cargo tracking and online invoicing.
BGT provides non-stop, robust support to one of the world’s top oil and gas-producing economies, via complex handling of steel pipes, land rigs, and other infrastructure project cargo for oil and gas exploration and production facilities.

Situated on the Gulf coast, the Port of Umm Qasr is Iraq’s only deep water port on the western edge of the al-Faw peninsula – where the mouth of the Shatt al Arab waterway enters the Persian Gulf..


North Port, Umm Qasr Port,

Basra Province, Iraq


JBC 1, Suite 401, Jumeirah Lake Towers,

Cluster G, PO Box 29335,

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

+971 4 4472861