Contecon Guayaquil S.A.

In close proximity to export zones, Contecon Guayaquil (CGSA) is the largest multipurpose terminal within the world's largest banana-exporting port. The port and approach channel is being expanded to service new-Panamax class vessels, and a USD 1 billion highway with port access roads is being built.

CGSA, the largest and most comprehensive terminal in Ecuador, is the preferred port of call due to its proximity to main export regions and accessibility to the capital of Quito.

  • Largest reefer infrastructure in Ecuador
  • Excellent road access and most number of gates for efficient truck turnaround times and security
  • Offers a complete logistics facility (ZAL) designed to prepare reefers and to avoid extra shunting via city off docks, more trucking rides, extra handling and risks of reefer malfunctioning
  • Established "Comunidad Logistica" as the first port logistics community in Ecuador which provides technical solutions to optimize logistics capabilities within the supply chain

With Ecuador being the world’s largest exporter of bananas – amounting to $2.6 billion annually, CGSA plays an essential role in supporting this trade, having the largest reefer infrastructure in Ecuador and being within 250km to main banana farms.


Ave. De la Marina, Puerto Maritimo
Guayaquil, Ecuador

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