Adriatic Gate Container Terminal

Rijeka's importance owes much to its strategic location: as the Mediterranean gateway of Croatia and Eastern Europe, especially the landlocked countries. Wood is among the main cargo being shipped in Rijeka.

Rijeka is Croatia's largest seaport, second economic center and third largest city. With room to grow, AGCT has efficient connectivity to European hinterlands.

  • Strategic location with 2,000 nautical miles shorter in route than via Northern European ports
  • Liberalized railway market wherein any EU railway operator is licensed to operate their own locomotive/wagons within Croatia with no rail access fee at AGCT rail infrastructure
  • Competitive capabilities in handling the largest vessels currently present in the North Adriatic
  • Equal regulations in all customs, tax and Border Inspection Procedures (BIP) as any other European Union ports

The Port of Rijeka, situated in the northern part of the Bay of Kvarner. Its strategic location, a point wherein the Adriatic Sea reaches Europe, makes Rijeka the most suitable and natural connection to the Central European markets.


Brajdica 16, Box 129,

51000 Rijeka, Croatia

+385 51 373 007