Tecon Suape, S. A.

Located at the Suape Port and Industrial Complex, Tecon Suape serves the agricultural and industrial hinterlands in northeast Brazil.

The Port of Suape, serving major locators in the area’s industrial estate, is located in Brazil’s Pernambuco region. This region is known as a leading agricultural producer of fruit crops, including grapes and mangoes,  and sugarcane. 

  • Strategically located to serve international trade on the East Coast of South America and cater to main industries within a 350-km range, including the vast fruit harvesting areas of Petrolina
  • Modern facilities including closed and open storage bonded areas with a special distribution zone where imported goods are re-exported with or without any additional processing or repackaging
  • Special attendance area for customer use 24/7 and internal facilities for customs officers, brokers, and health and agricultural authorities
  • Direct access to major roads streamlining the supply chain logistics

The Suape Industrial and Port Complex sits at the convergence of major long-distance shipping commercial routes. Roughly 40 kilometers south of Recife (Pernambuco’s capital), Suape has excellent road networks linking major coastal and inland cities across the country.


Avenida Portuária, s/n Porto de Suape
Ipojuca, PE - Brasil
CEP: 55594-000

+55 81 3527 5200
+55 81 3527 5201

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