Our sustainability initiatives are focused on six pillars: society, economy, environment, employees, clients and governance. We make decisions which have social and environmental benefits as well making sound financial sense.


Our Approach

Community is key to our purpose. We work together with our stakeholders, from local communities and governments to employees and partners, to ensure we are delivering growth and benefits to all.



We are committed to serving the communities we directly and indirectly impact, through programs and projects designed to protect and uphold their rights. Working closely with local communities and governments is important as it enables us to learn about what they need. Our initiatives range from education, health and disaster relief and response through to building schools and hospitals.



Our ports play an important role in supporting businesses and communities, and we are committed to actively helping our host nations to maximize their port infrastructure investments and boost trade as a driver of sustainable development. As a major player in the global value chain, we provide value-adding services and facilitate the free flow of goods between nations and regions. In doing so, we help create thousands of direct and indirect employment opportunities through our support of local sectors and industries in our host communities across six continents.



We are committed to ensuring a sustainable future by maintaining efficient operations and minimizing the impact of port operations on the environment. We are continuously seeking to improve our environmental programs and policies, and have made it our duty to our stakeholders to address carbon emissions, manage waste more efficiently and consume fewer natural resources.



Our employees are essential to ICTSI’s success as a leading port developer, manager and operator, and the way we treat our employees is fundamental to the way we want to do business. This begins with ensuring respect for internationally recognized human rights and labor standards in all our workplaces. We are committed to investing in people to help them fulfill their ambitions, and to recruiting talent by offering rewarding and exciting career opportunities.



Offering customer service excellence is key to successful relationships, which is why we invest significantly in digital technologies, upgrading our processes and equipment to ensure our operations are safe, efficient and run smoothly 24 hours a day. Our cutting-edge digital innovations have played a huge role in offering an efficient journey for our customers without loose ends. All of these efforts are in line with our strategies to maintain close ties with existing and prospective clients. This degree of engagement is crucial to meeting the highest level of customer service and performance standards.



ICTSI places great importance on robust corporate governance. We continue to uphold the principles and policies embodied in our Manual on Corporate Governance, which serves as the framework of rules, systems and processes that governs the performance of the ICTSI Board of Directors and Management. Following its adoption in 2013, and subsequent revision and submission to the Philippine government through the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2017, the Manual outlines the duties and responsibilities of the Board in overseeing the interests of all stakeholders. ICTSI continues to uphold such principles and policies and employs them as guidance towards efficient and right decision-making.


Why is Sustainability Important to ICTSI?

ICTSI is committed to developing efficient and sustainable port facilities across its operations worldwide. Our people are guided by our underpinning principle of Good Global Citizenship, which ensures we deliver positive outcomes to stakeholders.


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