Established in December 1987 in the Philippines, ICTSI has become a leading operator, innovator and pioneer in its field. Soon after consolidating and strengthening our flagship operations at the Manila International Container Terminal, we launched an international and domestic expansion program and today, we operate in many countries across the world, employing more than 7,000 people. Along our journey, we developed the world’s first fully automated international container handling facility at Victoria International Container Terminal (Melbourne, Australia).

Throughout our history we have set out to achieve excellence and have established new standards in our field.  We have an unparalleled track record in acquiring terminals and adding substantial value by enhancing their efficiency.  Our knowledge, skills and expertise also enables us to navigate and operate in different political and economic environments.

We take pride in our partnerships and work closely alongside governments and local authorities who are divesting themselves of maritime port assets through privatisation or sale. 

The support of our stakeholders is a key element of our prosperity and we always strive to exceed their expectations of us.


Our Vision

We are committed to creating long-term shareholder value through excellence across our business and to be the partner of choice.

As a pioneer, we are continuously seeking to deploy best-in-class technologies to maximize efficiency.  This has increasingly enabled us to seamlessly integrate transport and distribution systems benefitting our customers who gain competitively.  Additionally, our infrastructure and technology investments stand to generate economic benefits for the host countries where we operate.

Our focus on driving efficiency and challenging conventional approaches will support our objective to create long-term shareholder value. 



Our Mission

As a business organization, ICTSI aims to provide excellent growth opportunities for our employees; build successful and mutually rewarding businesses with our corporate partners; deliver equitable shareholder returns; and provide superior services marked by efficiency, reliability, professionalism, and profitability.  It is by fulfilling these goals on a daily basis that we are ultimately able to meet and surpass our contractual obligations and honor our commitments to our employees, government partners, and stakeholders.



Our Values


We work hard and are committed to a culture of excellence.  Our success has been driven by the positive attributes of our employees and their willingness to go the extra mile.


We value our work and hold ourselves accountable. In order to achieve our strategic goals, we are focused on having the right culture that encourages our people to be positive, engaged and energized to drive growth and shareholder value. 


We value and promote a diverse and inclusive workforce where our employees are cared for, treated fairly and respected. To further our success, it is important to create an environment that enables us to attract and retain the right people to work at every level throughout ICTSI. These are people who are committed to working together and who support our business approach of integrity, respect and encouragement.


We are committed to growth: as individuals, as a business and as a global organization.  We seek to improve ourselves, champion excellence and enhance the communities where we operate.  We believe these principles will support the growth and continued success of ICTSI.