VICT employee recognized for advancing special cargo processes

Melissa Scerri (fifth from left) is Victoria Transport Association’s 2023 Young Achiever Awardee. She is joined by colleagues (from left) Matthew Vaughan, information technology manager; Olga Coelho Huebert, chief commercial officer; Luke Blyth, berth planner; Rea Mihaka, landside manager; Bruno Porchietto, chief executive officer; Donovan Bubb, chief financial officer; Ajeetha Ramasamy, automation system analyst; Tia Nathan, health, safety & environment manager; and Tom Whelan, engineering general manager.


Melissa Scerri, a landside coordinator at Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT), was named the 2023 Young Achiever of the Year by the Victoria Transport Association at the recent 33rd Australian Freight Industry Awards (AFIA).
The award recognizes Melissa’s commitment to enhancing special cargo processes and delivering the highest level of service to customers. Her remarkable organizational abilities and capacity to foster strong relationships with stakeholders continue to play a pivotal role in ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of goods.

Moreover, her dedication to upholding Chain of Responsibility Law holds is crucial to ensuring compliance and safety throughout the transport of cargo. By meticulously verifying compliance requirements before cargo departure, she not only ensures legal adherence but also elevates the overall safety standards of the logistics process.

Melissa’s contribution to the satisfaction and success of VICT prove immeasurable, and the recognition she received is well-deserved and leaves a lasting positive impact on the industry.

VICT proudly congratulates Melissa and thanks the Victoria Transport Association for organizing the annual AFIA, which provides a valuable platform for recognizing excellence within the industry.