TecPlata to link Port of Santa Fe to Brazil, Asia

TecPlata, International Container Terminal Services, Inc.’s (ICTSI) Argentine subsidiary operating at the Port of La Plata, is collaborating with the Sta. Fe Port Administrative Entity for a new feeder service to connect the Port of Santa Fe to Brazil and Asia via TecPlata. 

Bruno Porchietto, TecPlata chief executive officer, and Carlos Arese, Santa Fe Port Administrative Entity president, have signed an agreement establishing the service that would make a minimum of two calls per month using 500-TEU barges operated by Newport Management. 

“We are very eager for this project to begin. The opportunity to reactivate the Port of Santa Fe, and that we are part of it, is very important because we are going to start this new logistics circuit that will connect the export cargo of the province with Brazil through a transfer in TecPlata," said Mr. Porchietto. 

With this service, export cargo from the Container and General Cargo Terminal at the Port of Santa Fe will be transported by barge to TecPlata from where it will connect to Log-in existing regional shipping network to Brasil. Cargo destined for Asia will then be transshipped from the Port of Santos in São Paulo through the service operated by Evergreen.  

The collaboration will translate to benefits and advantages for stakeholders and operators involved – shipping companies, carriers, importers, exporters, and other foreign trade agents.  The service would also offer reduced costs to exporting companies and logistics operators in the region by taking advantage of the efficiencies and the favorable tariff of TecPlata.

Held at Sta. Fe Port, the signing ceremony was also attended by Leonardo Cabrera, undersecretary of Ports, Waterways and Merchant Marine of Brazil; José María Lojo, La Plata Port president; Claudio Maissonave, Newport Management general manager; Nicolás Cassanello, Santa Fe Port Administrative Entity commercial manager; Federico Pellicer, TecPlata commercial director; Belén Delvalle, TecPlata Institutional Relations and CSR Manager; Silvina Frana, Santa Fe minister of Infrastructure, Public Services and Habitat; and Daniel Costamagna, Santa Fe minister of Production, Science and Technology.


From the Sta. Fe Port, the new feeder service creates a direct link to Brazil and Asia via TecPlata