Operadora Portuaria Centroamericana (OPC) has taken new initiatives to protect the mental health of employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Company, with the guidance of doctors and psychologists, launched a campaign in June that focuses on how employees can effectively manage stress, fear, and anxiety that may result from the changes in the work setup and how they work.  Majority of the Company’s workforce has been remotely working from home to prevent possible infection and spread of the virus at the workplace. The campaign also covers other aspects of health like having a balanced diet and regular exercise.

In July, the scope of the campaign was expanded to include OPC’s external collaborators through the Company’s official communication channels, including print, audiovisual, and program talks between collaborators who work from home or within the port.

OPC also launched the campaign online via the company website, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to broaden the reach and include the surrounding communities.  

Right now, the best protection against COVID-19 is prevention.  OPC started implementing biosecurity measures for port workers and visitors as early as January, even before Honduras was placed in quarantine.  The Company will continue to work with the Honduran government to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on the supply chain.