Operadora Portuaria Centroamericana (OPC) continues to support the fight against COVID-19 with a recent donation of medical supplies to three hospitals in Honduras.  Hospital of Puerto Cortés, Hospital de Gracias, and Hospital de Santa Rosa de Copán each received 66 boxes of N95 masks, 30 gallons of chlorine, antibacterial gel, and soap to help safeguard the health of their medical staff.

“It is our priority to help hospitals do their work as safely as possible,” said Meyvi Castaneda, OPC Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, as she highlighted the important role of medical facilities in the fight against COVID.

Since the outbreak, OPC has constantly been looking for ways to support the community.  In March, OPC also donated a symmetrical costal sprayer to the local Red Cross, which serves to disinfect ambulances before leaving and entering Red Cross’s facility.  OPC will continue to integrate COVID-related initiatives into its CSR programs, which primarily focus on education, health, and the environment.