Operadora Portuaria Centroamericana (OPC), together with its partners at Puerto Cortés, reaffirms its full support for the entire country of Honduras at the height of the current health crisis.

“Puerto Cortés, the country’s primary trade gateway, is fully operational.  Transportation to and from the port remains unrestricted.  The National Port Company (ENP) and Customs are operating normally, and the borders are open for the transit of cargo to other countries in the region,” said Juan Corujo, OPC Director General.

He adds:  “OPC continues to do its best to ensure the continuity of the supply chain.  We are implementing strict health and security protocols including mandatory temperature screenings in all pedestrian, vehicle, and dock access points across the terminal.  The Company is religiously following the guidelines set by the Pan American Health Organization to safeguard the health of our partners, employees, and users at the terminal.”  

Internally, OPC continues to implement awareness and information campaigns for workers to ensure their safety at work and at home.  The Company has provided employees on the field with the necessary personal protective equipment and arranged for some of the staff to work remotely from their homes to minimize the possibility of infection.  Meanwhile, those with symptoms and are vulnerable have been in self-isolation since 13 March.

The supply chain of merchandise and medicines must remain continuous to avoid complications.  OPC understands its role in the logistics chain, and asks everyone to support and thank employees and collaborators who remain in the frontlines to ensure that the country’s supply chain continues to move.

Specialized Container and Cargo Terminal in Puerto Cortes