New service links TecPlata to Paraguay, Brazil

TecPlata, International Container Terminal Services, Inc.’s Argentinian subsidiary, recently welcomed a new service that links the ports in Paraguay to the Port of La Plata, and from there, to the main ports in Brazil.  

The service, which made its first stopover in TecPlata on 9 March, is jointly operated by Independencia Shipping Lines (ISL) and Log-In Logistica Intermodal using regular maritime services that currently operate in the region. 

The ISL-owned ship Independiente arrived from the Asunción Port in Paraguay, carrying cargo for transshipment to Brazil via the Log-In vessel Jacaranda, which left TecPlata on the same day.  This particular logistics link offers customers an unbeatable transit time in addition to very competitive costs, while establishing TecPlata’s important role as a logistics hub for Argentina and the Mercosur region. 

“Thanks to this connection, TecPlata assumes a more relevant role in the logistics of the region.  The operational efficiency of our terminal allows the barges to operate without delays that they usually suffer in other ports, generating significant advantages for customers,” explains Bruno Porchietto, TecPlata chief executive officer. 

ISL, a river cargo transport company that links the ports of Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay, operates the Asuncion – La Plata – Asuncion section of the service using three of its own vessels, which have a combined capacity of 510 TEUs. 

Brazilian cabotage navigation company LogIn, on the other hand, covers the Brazil – La Plata – Brazil section, and has been making fortnightly calls at TecPlata since April 2019.

Through the service, TecPlata aims to capture a significant volume of trade bound for Paraguay which, in many cases, are moved by land.

Transshipment hub. Photo shows the ISL vessel Independiente (left) during its maiden call to TecPlata, with cargo from the Asunción Port in Paraguay.  The cargo was transshipped to Brazil via the Log-In vessel Jacaranda on the right.