The world faces a crisis of unprecedented proportions, one that none of us has ever had to confront before. In the face of these incredibly challenging times, your leadership has been steadfast and the performance of your teams has been nothing short of courageous.

It gives us all great pride that all of you from around our global network continue to tirelessly support our teams, our customers, our communities, and all our partner nations during this global emergency.

We will all endure this with the utmost strength and determination and there will come a time when, once again, we can all look forward to the future with optimism. Until then, we continue to look to your leadership in ensuring our ports, vital parts in sustaining our global and local economies, operate unabated no matter what.

We ask that you continue to lead these efforts with a calm decisiveness; continue to communicate in a positive manner, and ensure that the health and safety of all our employees is your absolute top priority.

I am convinced of the ability of our teams at all our terminals and our partner nations to overcome even the most difficult of obstacles. If we continue to show the same force of dedication and application that I have proudly witnessed to date in confronting this global crisis head on, I truly believe that we will come out of this stronger and more resilient than ever before.

Our gratitude goes out to all of you for embodying our Company’s values as you continue to play such a pivotal role in helping our global network and the global communities within which we operate confront the incredible demands and challenges that lie ahead.



Christian R. Gonzalez
ICTSI Executive Vice President