I know that you are working under extremely difficult circumstances now.  I am aware of the extraordinary efforts and sacrifice each one of you are doing to be able to perform our mandate as frontliners to make sure that our countrymen get food, medical supplies, and basic necessities badly needed.  It takes courage and determination to be able to do this; and I know that each one of you have those qualities.

We knew that fighting the pandemic would not be easy, and we know that it will get worse before it gets better.   Now is not the time to give up.  Now is the time to dig deep and keep fighting.  Your role in this fight is critical to enable the country to survive.

I am proud of all of you and your families who are making this sacrifice, as is the government and our countrymen.  At the same time, know that our Company is doing everything possible to ensure your safety.  The country is depending on us.  We will triumph over this together.



Enrique K. Razon Jr.
ICTSI Chairman and President