ICTSI Rio Brasil at the Port of Rio de Janeiro has pledged support for Favela Mundo, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to contribute to human development through culture, education, and environmental awareness as pillars to becoming better and more productive citizens.

Recognized by the United Nations as a model of social inclusion in large cities, Favela Mundo operates across several areas in Rio de Janeiro–offering workshops related to the performing arts, music, aesthetics and carnival.

In March, Favela Mundo announced openings for artistic workshops for children and adolescents in Cidade de Deus and Acari.  A total of 50 slots for theater and hip hop workshops were opened for Cidade de Deus, while another 200 slots were opened for workshops on theater, hip hop, guitar, and jazz in Acari.  The workshops are free and open to participants aged 18 and below who are attending school.

“Our goal is for students to start seeing the school as a playful and enjoyable space. Thus, the improvement in school performance in the relationship between students is visible.  Uniting education and culture has always been our greatest ideal,” said Marcello Andriotti, Favela Mundo founder.

Since its establishment in 2010, Favela Mundo has benefited more than 5,800 youths from over 12 communities in Rio de Janeiro.  The organization works with municipal public schools in cooperation with the Rio de Janeiro City Hall, the Municipal Education Secretariat, Municipal Secretary of Culture, and other private companies.