ICTSI D.R. Congo supports primate conservation efforts


Matadi Gateway Terminal (MGT), International Container Terminal Services, Inc.’s (ICTSI) business unit in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is a staunch advocate of wildlife conservation, and has been actively supporting environmental initiatives since starting operations in Matadi in 2016.

In particular, MGT has been supporting Partners for Wildlife and Apes Conservation (P-WAC) since 2018, actively supporting the organization’s initiatives, which include educating the local communities and their youth about the importance of environmental conservation. 

Philippe Baudry, MGT director general says: “It is in this spirit of preserving the environment that MGT has committed to support P-WAC and their efforts to reintroduce chimpanzees into their natural habitats and promote natural reforestation. Aside from the financial support, we are also offering efficient and rapid logistical support to help P-WAC’s nationwide campaign. MGT will continue to be a loyal supporter of P-WAC and its projects.” 

As part of its support, MGT recently organized a forum on behalf of P-WAC for the latter’s presentation activities.   

P-WAC is a nonprofit organization that works for the conservation of primates and their natural habitat, particularly the Mayumbe Forest located southwest of the Kongo Central province. It operates the only rehabilitation center in the region for primates, which are under threat from poaching and deforestation. 

Established in 2013, the P-WAC secured a 25-year contract with the Ministry of Environment in 2016 for its operations. It was founded by Primatologist Amandine Renaud, who envisions the complete integration of local communities in the preservation of biodiversity.

Apart from initiatives for wildlife conservation, MGT is also part of an active process to protect future generations. Initially, the company developed and implemented a rigorous process for the proper sorting and management of both household and industrial waste, including traceability. Besides simply complying with the rules and relevant laws, the initiative also aimed to raise awareness among the young generation about the importance of protecting the environment.


Primatologist and P-WAC Founder Amandine Renaud discusses the organization’s activities to environmental partners and other NGOs in Matadi during the forum organized by Matadi Gateway Terminal