Contecon Guayaquil celebrates 135 million tons of cargo

Contecon Guayaquil executives with customers during celebration


During its 16th year of operation, Contecon Guayaquil S.A. (CGSA), International Container Terminal Services, Inc.’s (ICTSI) Ecuadorian business unit operating the Libertador Simon Bolivar Container and Multipurpose Terminal, celebrates an achievement of handling 135 million tons of cargo handled since starting operations at the Port of Guayaquil.

The achievement is a testament not only to the Port of Guayaquil’s position as Ecuador’s main seaport, but also to CGSA’s commitment to operational efficiency, innovation, safety and sustainability – values that serve as the foundation of CGSA’s identity and role as a growth driver for Ecuador’s foreign trade.

“With more than USD$360 million invested since the beginning of our operation, we have created a world-class terminal with vast infrastructure, technology and equipment, contributing to the economic development of the country and the generation of jobs. More than a port, we are the strategic partner that makes Ecuador go further,” stated Javier Lancha, CGSA chief executive officer.

(From left) Sol Medina, CGSA Inland Services manager; Javier Lancha, CGSA CEO; and Fohodil Galeas, CGSA commercial director

As the gateway to a substantial portion of the entire Ecuadorian market volume, CGSA is optimistic about 2023 and on pace to move more than 900,000 TEUs before the end of 2023, an increase of more than five percent compared to 2022.

CGSA is currently the only terminal in Ecuador capable of handling three neo-Panamax ships simultaneously alongside thanks to its 1,300-meter quay. Recent dredging works at the foot of the pier have increased the depth to 13.5 meters, allowing the terminal to receive the largest vessels operating on the Pacific Coast of South America.

Other recent developments at CGSA include the installation of scanners to enhance security, the implementation of private LTE network technology to support digital transformation, and the launch of the Port-to-Door platform that allows customers to track their cargo in real-time using the CGSA App.