Association of terminals and operators in Manzanillo is created

(From left) Contecon Manzanillo Chief Executive Officer and ASTOM President Jose Antonio Contreras, Colima Governor Indira Vizcaino Silva, and Economic Development Secretary Francisco Rodriguez during the launch of ASTOM last May.


Port terminals and operators in Manzanillo have united to create the Association of Terminals and Operators of Manzanillo (ASTOM), a pioneer organization that aims to promote and further strengthen the Port of Manzanillo.
ASTOM will enhance the competitiveness and efficiency of Mexico’s most important port through improved connectivity, process optimization and innovation, all guided by the principles of social and environmental responsibility. Contecon Manzanillo S.A. (CMSA), International Container Terminal Services, Inc.’s (ICTSI) Mexican subsidiary, comprises the alliance together with Grupo Carrix – SSA, Ocupa, and Friman; Hazesa, Corporación Multimodal and TAP Terminals. CMSA will lead ASTOM for the next couple of years through José Antonio Contreras, CMSA chief executive officer and ASTOM president.
“Customers and users have given us their trust, and it’s our responsibility as an association to seek the constant development of the Port of Manzanillo, and with this, continue helping and accompanying Mexican foreign trade and its growth,” said Mr. Contreras.  
He added: “We must continue to improve and grow, which is why the second northern access to the port is being built, and why we are expanding the capacity of the Specialized Container Terminal II by 40 percent, among other investments. All the associates whom I have the honor to represent have a clear and common objective – to be and continue to be the preferred port of Mexico. For this, we will put all our effort, knowledge and professionalism.”
The Honorable Indira Vizcaíno Silva, Colima governor stressed that the state would work together with ASTOM to promote an important social agenda to achieve a more competitive, fairer and sustainable economy.
“I applaud the creation of ASTOM as I believe it will quickly become a voice that allows us to expedite respectful discussions and decision-making. We have enormous challenges to tackle, and need to talk about the enormous opportunities that lie before us,” said Governor Silva.
As Mexico’s main logistics hub, the Port of Manzanillo handles 40 percent of the containers that enter and exit the country, and 70 percent of import cargo that arrive on the Pacific coast. More than 90 percent of the activity at the port is facilitated by members of ASTOM. Generating an estimated 35,000 jobs, the association is among the most relevant business groups in the country in terms of tax contribution, customs revenue and state income through the port sector.