The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced drastic changes to the modern workplace, making workers more vulnerable to mental and psychological stress.  To help employees navigate through these changes, Pakistan International Container Terminal (PICT) started conducting virtual motivational sessions for cross-functional employees to boost their morale and re-energize them as one team.

“During these times of uncertainty, PICT’s leadership is taking continuous and conscious initiatives to keep employees motivated and safeguard their physical and mental well-being.  It is our responsibility to educate our employees about the importance of mental health and guide them as they adjust to the new work patterns and flexible workspaces,” explained Khurram Aziz Khan, PICT Chief Executive Officer.  

Spearheaded by Arif Raza, PICT Head of Human Capital, the session revolves around the ideas and proposition of breaking the self-creative imaginative bubbles and come up with out-of-the-box ideas to achieve one’s personal and professional objectives.  It also highlighted the need to keep one’s spirit high to be able to courageously rise of out every difficult situation.  

The virtual session also served as a good platform for employees to break down the silo mentality, re-synchronize with their colleagues, and function more effectively as one team.

Arif Raza (top left), PICT Head of Human Capital, facilitates the virtual motivational session