ICTSI South Pacific has donated IT equipment to the Port Moresby Hospital to support the latter’s handling of COVID-19 cases while promoting telemedicine.

The equipment, which consists of monitors, computers, and modems, enables the hospital to remotely monitor the Rita Flynn COVID-19 isolation facility and ease the strain on the hospital’s already stretched resources.

“When we have technology, we can use it to achieve some of our objectives.  Now that we have a setup at Rita Flynn, we have to monitor what’s happening there and we can use the technology to do that. We have very few ICU doctors, one ICU director at Port Moresby General Hospital, and we can’t afford to let that person go and oversee Rita Flynn,” said Dr. Paki Molumi, Port Moresby General Hospital Chief Executive Officer.

Robert Maxwell, ICTSI South Pacific Chief Executive Officer, expressed the Company’s support for the Port Moresby medical community and hopes that the technology will prove useful even after the pandemic is over as doctors can use these to conduct consultations with patients.  The technology also gives local doctors the ability to interact with doctors from around the world in real time.

 Robert Maxwell (right), ICTSI South Pacific CEO, personally turned over the IT equipment to Port Moresby Hospital.