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Pt Makassar Terminal Services (MTS), South Sulawesi, Indonesia

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Pt Makassar Terminal Services (MTS)
Jalan Botolempangan 7B, Makassar, South Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia
: +62411 3631774
: +62411 3632808

In May 2006, ICTSI purchased 95 percent of the outstanding shares of PT Makassar Terminal Services (MTS), cargo handler at the Makassar Container Terminal (MCT) in South Sulawesi, from Portek Systems and Equipment Pte Ltd. of Singapore and Indonesian liner, PT Pelayaran Nusantara Meratus.

MTS has an existing 10-year cooperation agreement with PT Pelabuhan Indonesia IV (Pelindo IV), port authority of east Indonesian ports, for the procurement, installation and operation of container loading and unloading equipment under a revenue sharing scheme.