Since 2015 to 2018, ICTSI was able to declare dividends from PhP 0.90 - PhP 2.50, which is based on the Company's unrestricted retained earnings. Dividends are payable to all common stockholders, on the basis of outstanding shares held by them, each share being entitled to the same unit of dividend as any other share. Dividends are payable to stockholders whose names are recorded in the stock and transfer book as of the record date fixed by the Board. Preferred A shareholders are entitled to dividends at rates fixed by the Board. On the other hand, Preferred B shareholders earns no dividends.

For more information on the Dividends Policy, please visit the Governance page.


The details of cash dividends for the last years are as follows: 


Type of SecurityType of DividendDeclaration DateRecord DatePayment DateAmount
COMMONCash11 April 201929 April 20197 May 2019PHP 2.92
COMMONCash (Special)11 April 201929 April 20197 May 2019PHP 2.08
COMMONCash19 April 20184 May 201811 May 2018PHP 2.50
COMMONCash20 April 20175 May 201717 May 2017PHP 2.47
COMMONCash21 April 20165 May 201618 May 2016PHP 0.91
COMMONCash16 April 20154 May 201515 May 2015PHP 0.90
COMMONCash10 April 201428 April 20149 May 2014PHP 0.85
COMMONCash18 April 20136 May 201321 May 2013PHP 0.70
COMMONCash19 April 20124 May 201218 May 2012PHP 0.65
COMMONCash14 April 20113 May 201117 May 2011PHP 0.50
COMMONCash15 April 201030 April 201020 May 2010PHP 0.40
COMMONCash16 April 20097 May 200918 May 2009PHP 0.40
COMMONCash17 April 20088 May 200819 May 2008PHP 0.35

          ICTSI has appointed Stock Transfer Services, Inc. as its stock transfer agent. 

          For Stockholders assistance/updates, please refer to below contact information:

Stock Transfer Services, Inc.
Richard D. Regala
34-D Rufino Pacific Tower,
6784 Ayala Avenue, Makati City
Telephone: +63 2 403 2410