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About Us

International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI) is in the business of acquiring, developing, managing and operating container ports and terminals worldwide.
Established in December 1987 in the Philippines, ICTSI has become a leading operator, innovator and pioneer in its field. After consolidating and strengthening our base and flagship operations at the Manila International Container Terminal in the Philippines, we realized the potential for an independent international terminal operator like ourselves, and launched an aggressive international and domestic expansion program in 1994.
We have a track record that confirms our ability to rapidly adapt to different operating environments, and to add substantial value to our operated terminals by enhancing their efficiency at every level. We also have the proven ability to perform beyond the expectations of central and regional governments of a privatization process, spanning both developed and emerging economies.
We take pride in being a partner in the true sense of the word in the development and management of port operations with governments divesting themselves of maritime port assets by privatization or sale vehicles.


ICTSI Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, manages our foreign operations. Aside from developing new port concessions, this subsidiary is also tasked with overseeing operations of all acquired foreign terminals. Regional representatives in Manila, Dubai and Panama afford us the immediacy to respond quickly to investment opportunities.
ICTSI is currently pursuing an active program to acquire new terminal concessions in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas.


Leadership in global port management is, for ICTSI, a means to a larger end: the vision of building long-term shareholder value.

The conditions of the natural environment where we operate may be changing in many, perhaps even permanent ways; the economic and political situation in the different regions may be constantly fluctuating as well. The technologies we deploy and depend on, for much of our operations, are rapidly evolving at a pace considered unprecedented in human history.

Nevertheless, despite such highly variable conditions, our vision remains fixed.

As we continue to pursue optimization of efficiency, leading to an increasingly seamless integration of transport and distribution systems, our direct clients – and, as a consequence, those they also represent and serve – gain a competitive advantage in the world of commerce. In the larger context, the host governments of the countries where we operate these ports gain in economic terms as well. Ultimately and for the long term, such gains redound to our shareholders.


With our clients and with the host governments of our ports, we have long-term contractual obligations, defined in measurable outputs, in time-bound deliverables.
Then there are our inherent commitments as a business organization: to provide excellent growth opportunities for our employees; to build successful, mutually rewarding businesses with our corporate partners; and to deliver equitable shareholder returns.
Last but certainly not the least, there are the day-to-day, transaction-per-transaction commitments we uphold: to provide superior services marked by efficiency, reliability, professionalism and profitability. It is in fulfilling these on a daily basis that we are ultimately able, over the long term, to meet and even surpass our contractual obligations, and to honor our commitments to employees, partners, and shareholders.


We are singularly focused on our core competency: port management, operations and development.

We are open to expanding opportunities to do this in strategically located ports, in both developed and developing economies, diversifying geographically across the world’s continents. Specifically, we seek to develop, acquire, own and operate common user container terminals in markets with superior growth and profit potential.

We will pursue these, even as we:

  • Maintain and consolidate our leadership position in the markets where we now operate;
  • Constantly improve our current operations, with strategic investments in enhanced organizational capability and human resources, information technology, support structures, and cargo handling equipment; and,
  • Develop our allied businesses.


DILIGENCE. We work hard at our tasks, believing in performing dutifully, and in committing to first-rate work. Beyond duty, we are willing to go the extra mile. Our company has no room for mediocrity. Focused, punctual and dedicated are a few indisputable attributes ICTSI employees possess.

COMPASSION. We care; we respect. We support each other to ensure that ICTSI remains viable, and that relations with stakeholders of the port community are stable. We work to sustain our families, pay our dues, or help a relative or a neighbor in need. We value – and strive to promote – workplace harmony, recognizing the vital role that interdependence has played in ICTSI’s ceaseless effort to achieve excellence.

ACCOUNTABILITY. We value our work and take responsibility for our actions. We also carry a positive attitude, believing that by working with optimism and self-fulfillment, we produce positive results for the Company and for ourselves. ICTSI management and employees give worth to being employed.

GROWTH. Our purpose in doing our work is to grow: grow as individuals, expand as a business, and progress as a global organization. More than sustaining lives, we work because of self-worth and dignity. As we further improve ourselves personally and professionally, we believe that the stability and continuous growth of ICTSI follows.

Our Competitive Strengths

International Experience

Our management has a proven track record of success in port development and management in numerous ports all over the world.

State of the Art Information Technology

We have in-depth know-how on the employment of state-of-the-art information technology, that allows us to set high standards of efficiency for port management.

Alert to Opportunities

We excel in identifying and developing profitable investment opportunities.

Developing Market Focus

We mainly specialize in developing market container ports, which have the greatest potential.

Labor Expertise

We have the experience in handling the intricacies of port labor management throughout the world, and in growing our workforce into active contributors to the company´s growth.